Virtual Walk

Below is a virtual walk based on one done around Blatherwycke, it gives you the opportunity to see the countryside and sights seen by the walkers on our Discovery Walks .  See below the map for a key.


Click Here For Larger Map

Highlights specific places in the walk, clicking on it will give a description of it.

These are photos,  just click to see it.

Orange and blue line is the route of the walk.

Streetview (orange/yellow man in corner) can be used to see and follow the route in 3d. However it will only work for areas where the walk follows a road. Just click and drag the man to a spot on the route to activate. The blue line should be sections where streetview should work.


Please leave comments below so i can make much better. Will be making alterations as time goes on till its right.


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# David WIlcock 2015-02-09 15:27
Hello Aaron,
I like your approach.
A couple of suggestions.
When you click on a pin to get the popup, there is no way of getting rid of it. Clicking another popup replaces the first, but if you want to look at the map the popup is now in the way. The work-around for me is to reload the page, but for you perhaps the popups should toggle, or perhaps clicking in blank space should dismis them.

Some people would be unhappy at accepting the Google terms and conditions. Have you considered Open Street Map as an open source map, with fewer legal issues?
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# Aaron Jones (Site Admin) 2015-02-09 21:00
The popup messages have a cross in top right corner to close them. Due to size of message it can be hidden, you can scroll map to find it or if click on the 'Click here for a larger version' its easier to see them. But i will look at formatting the message so its more square to make it easier to see and maybe read.
Open street map dosent have the same facilities and scope as google maps, no streetview or satellite images for starters, though a quick search does show that can maybe use bing images (though with hassle) it just changing google for microsoft. But no data is collected from users viewing the map aside that normally available from loading a web page and is all anonymous, and is used to create a tally of how often its displayed a day (is a limit, high but there)
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