' It is such a happiness when good people get together - and they always do'

In October 2014 Joan Ting from WEA Adelaide joined Judith Hedley's Nottingham  course 'Emma'. Joan was over visiting family and enjoyed sitting in on Judith's class so much she actually attended 3 times during her stay. Joan spoke enthusiastically to the group of her involvement with Adelaide's Jane Austen society - which is based at WEA Adelaide;  and since then we've discussed the possibility of setting up our own Jane Austen group.


Ideas being floated for the group are:


* A visit to Sheffield Crucible Theatre to see Tamara Harvey's adaptation of Pride and Prejudice ( 14th May - 6th June)


* Talks about Jane Austen in locations across the East Midlands region - Derbyshire/Leicestershire/Lincolnshire/Nottinghamshire/Northamptonshire


* Visits to places associated with either Jane or her novels


* A website where we can share all things Austen


* Austen themed food or fashion events


* anything else ...


We are currently at the 'this would be a good idea' stage and so are inviting anyone who would be interested in such a venture to get in touch - we can then get the ball rolling. Everyone is welcome whether new to Austen or with some knowledge.


If you'd like to be involved or simply kept informed of our progress email Nikki Cleaver at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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