General Information

Field trips

Some courses will have trips as part of the course, which may incur extra costs.


Many tutors make a small charge for photocopies.

Student Agreement and Student Code of Conduct

When you enrol with us, you’ll sign up to a Learning Agreement, printed on your enrolment form, and our Student Code of Conduct. Together, these set out our and your responsibilities for creating a positive learning environment. You can download both from our website at

Student safety

The WEA is committed to providing a welcoming environment where everyone is respected, valued and feels safe and secure. If you feel unsafe for any reason at all - as a result of, for example, discrimination, abuse, harassment or bullying - speak to your tutor or course organiser. Alternatively you can speak to safeguarding staff (Vicki Jones and Mel Lenehan) in the WEA Regional Office (01159 628400).

If things need to be put right

If you feel there is a problem, please talk to us first, so we have a chance to put things right. Please talk to your tutor, local branch or office or call the WEA Regional Office on 0115 962 8400. If you’re not satisfied with the outcome, you can ask to see our Complaints Procedure.

Do you need our brochure in an alternative format?

We can supply this brochure in large print, electronically or through the post, or in certain community languages on request. Please contact your local WEA office