Financial Support and Course Costs

If you, or a member of your immediate family, are on an eligible income-related benefit, your course fees may be waived or reduced, so your course may be free of charge. (Please note: fee waiver isn’t available on all courses). There are also funds available to help with childcare, essential books or equipment needed for your course. We may still be able to help you if you’re living on a low income or you’re suffering financial hardship. Help is limited to three courses a year. To find out more please call your local WEA office.  For further details please look at Fees for Courses page.

Evidence of benefit status

If you are entitled to a fee concession, please send evidence of your benefit status to the branch contact or local WEA office (or bring it to the first class).

Multiple course fee discount

If you pay your fees in full and you attend two or more courses at the same time, we’ll  give you a 10% discount on your additional courses, so you’ll only pay the full fee for your longest course. Please note: if you’d like to claim a discount, you’ll need to book by post or phone.

Course Cancellation and Refunds

You can cancel a course booking at any time, in writing, by phone or by calling your local office/branch.

• A full/partial refund will be given to all students where a course is cancelled or shortened by the branch/organiser.

• If you cancel within seven working days of booking and the course hasn’t already started, you’ll receive a full refund.

• If the course is delivered over more than three sessions, you can cancel before the start of the second session and still receive a refund. There may be an admin charge.

All other refunds will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.

Age Eligibility

Students must be 19 or over by 31 August at the start of the current academic year to enrol on a WEA course.

The cost of your course

We receive funding from the Government to subsidise our courses which helps us keep fees as low as possible. As part of this, we need to ask you for your date of birth and how long you’ve been resident in the UK/EU when you enrol. If you haven’t been resident in the UK/EU for the last three years, we’ll ask you to complete a Student Eligibility Form and provide appropriate proof. UK Residency Learners who have not been resident in the UK/EU for the last 3 years will be required to complete a Learner Eligibility Form and provide appropriate evidence to us. Where this information is not provided, the full course fee will be payable.

Click here for booklet  “Services for Learners - A Guide to Financial and other Entitlements”  for more information. (NB the booklet is in .pdf format.)