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The branch runs a number of excursions throughout the year, these are listed below along with past excursions with photos taken during the day.

The activities for this year are listed below in brief (click each event for details), and a poster with the full details of the activities along with the sign up form, can be found here.

Activities with   in front have pictures of the day. Please enjoy.


Visit to Hindu Temple

10th May at 10:30am. Fee is £4.00.

Evenley Wood Garden

Tuesday 23rd May at 1:30pm. Fee is £12.00.

Kingscliffe village and Heritage Centre

Wednesday 14th June at 2pm, tour takes 2 hours. Fee is £5.00.

Royal Ordnance Depot

Monday June 26th at 2pm, tour takes 60 to 90 minutes. Fee is £4.00.

Eydon Village History

Tuesday 4th July at 1:45pm, tour takes 2 hours. Fee is £7.50.

Guided Tour of Southwick Hall

Tuesday 18th July at 2pm, tour takes 1.5 hours. Fee is £11.50.


Past activities

Previous activites and excursions. Feel free to leave comments on your visit if you went, and any photos you would like to share please send them to us, but please make sure you have the permission of anyone in the photos.

Nature Walk at Summer Leys Nature Reserve (CANCELLED) (2016) Wednesday 4th May at 2pm, and lasts 2 hours. Fee is £4.(Poster)

 Islip Village (2016) Wednesday 15th June at 2pm, and lasts 2 hours. Fee is £4.50.

Kathy Browns Garden  (2016) Thursday 23rd June at 2pm. Fee is £11.00.

A Tour of Sulgrave Village (2016) Friday 8th July at 2pm, tour takes 2 hours. Fee is £4.00.

Tooley's Boatyard and Canal Trip (2016) Tuesday 19th July at 10.15am. Fee is £9.50.

  The Montagu Monuments (2015) Monday 11th May at 1:30pm, and lasts 2 hours. Fee is £5.

  An Historical Tour of Thrapston (2015) Wednesday 3rd June at 2pm, and lasts 2 hours. Fee is £4.

Sulby Grange Gardens (2015) Thursday 18th June, and lasts 2 hours. Fee is £8.

Tour of Steane Park (2015) Tuesday 7th July at 6pm and lasts 2 hours. Fee is £7.50.

Aviation Museum (2015) Monday 27th July 2:30pm and lasts 11/2 to 2 hours. Fee is £5.

Guilded tour of Rushton Hall (2014) Tuesday 6th May at 10:30am, and takes 45 minutes. Fee is £6.

Tour of Sessions House and All Saints Church (2014) Thursday 29th May at 11am. Fee is £3.

Guided tour of Blatherwycke Hall Garden (2014) Thursday 12th June at 1:45 for 2pm and lasts 2 hours. Fee is £5.

An historical tour of Gretton village (2014) Wednesday 9th July at 1:30pm and lasts 1.5 hours. Fee is £3.


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