An invitation to everyone in the East Midlands WEA to join a celebration of the WEA

Working alongside two professional artists and WEA tutors, Roz Beeson and Rebecca Spear, you are warmly invited to contribute in any way you wish to creating a textile/mixed media hanging which will celebrate and tell your personal stories about the East Midlands WEA. We hope as many people as possible will join us over the coming year to help create what will be a glorious piece of work which will tell a story, which we can use as a touring exhibition and which will be a lasting legacy for the region.

We are looking for artists, crafters, stitchers, creative writers, engineers, woodworkers, historians, geologists, musicians, embroiderers, readers of books, people with ideas, people with no ideas but a willingness to learn and support, bloggers, Tweeters, photographers, archaeologists, cataloguers, researchers, people with no experience of any of the above, people with lots of experience and those with anything in between – in fact anyone who knows and loves the WEA, anyone who is driven mad by the WEA and anyone who wants to tell their story with the WEA!

You will sometimes work with Roz and Rebecca and sometimes work on your own in smaller groups, but you will always be part of something that is growing and building and which will come together as a whole.

This is an opportunity to be creative together and to work together, but also to bring our WEA community closer and at the same time grow that community.

Will you join us for a preliminary meeting so we can start to hear your ideas, start to plan how things will develop, start to think about how and with what materials you could work and meet Roz and Rebecca?

Over the coming months we will have meetings in a number of locations around the region, but we are starting in the following two venues:


Tuesday 27th September 19.00 – 21.00


WEA, The Mill, Lodge Lane, Derby DE1 3HB (parking available in The Mill car park)


Tuesday 4th October 14.00 - 16.00


WEA, 101 Hinckley Road, Leicester LE3 0TD (car park on Fosse Road South next to the Westcotes Health Centre – 4mins walk to 101)



Please do come along. We look forward to seeing you!