The Versatile Age

Attached is a poem found among my late Mum, Connie Fletcher's papers. It came from a West Sussex WEA newsletter and is a fun celebration of adult learning, attributed to our old friend Anon.  Mum's dates are 16.12.1923 - 05.02.2015. Mum gained so much pleasure from her WEA classes, especially art history. When she lived in West Sussex she was able to go on WEA art study tours. When she moved to Higham Ferrers in 2000, she wasn't involved at committee level, but still appreciated the classes here. Susan Waters

The rocking chair is empty today,
For Grandmother’s no longer in it,
She’s off in the car to the office or shop
And buzzes round every minute.
No-one shoves Grandmother back on the shelf
She’s versatile, forceful, dynamic,
That’s not a pie in the oven, my dear,
Her baking today is ceramic.
You won’t see her trundling off early to bed
From her warm chimney nook,
Her keyboard clickety-clacks through the night,
For Grandmother is writing a book.
Grandma never takes a backward look
To slow her steady advancing,
She won’t tend the babies for you any more
For Grandma is taking up dancing.
She isn’t content with crumbs of old thoughts
With meagre and second-hand knowledge,
Don’t bring your mending for Grandma to do,
For Grandma has gone back to College!
Anon: 1985 WEA newsletter


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