The Royal Ordnance Depot - Weedon Barracks

Weedon Bec NN7 4PS

Tour takes 60 to 90 minutes.

Monday June 26th at 2pm.

Fee £4.00.

Weedon Barracks was a Napoleonic era military ordnance depot established in 1803. It was the central small arms depot for the British military. It consisted of 8 large storehouses which were originally served by the canal. They added 4 gunpowder
magazines and in later times a large clothing store. All the buildings have survived.

Meet in the onsite car park at 1.30pm. Directions - left at crossroads A5/A45, first left onto Harman’s Way, continue straight along this road till see sign on left for Sofa King and turn left, barracks off on the right side of this road---believe called Cavalry Hill

Further information from David Aaronson 01908 564233.

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